Why Electric?

We don't expect our customers, suppliers or investors to know everything about electric vehicles. You know your business; we know electric vehicles (EVs). Here is an introduction to the world of electric vehicles.

The big three

There are three main reasons that electric drive is preferred when possible:

  • Efficiency. The electric motor is extremely efficient, 2-5 times better than a diesel engine (up to over 90 % efficiency). Higher efficiency means less energy consumption. Less energy consumption means lower costs and less pollution.
  • No local emissions. Electric vehicles offer a better work environment for the driver as well as cleaner air and quieter neighborhoods for your customers.
  • Independent from oil. Electricity can be produced in many ways. That means independence from oil-producing countries, higher security of supply, more stable prices and the possibility for clean, green renewable energy sources. Even if the electricity is produced by burning coal, the electric vehicle is so efficient that it still comes out ahead. Pollutants from one large power plant are also easier to treat than emissions from millions of vehicles. If electric vehicles are run on electricity from solar, wind or hydro, they produce virtually zero pollution.

Electric drive is greener, healthier and less costly to operate.

How does an electric vehicle work?

An electric vehicle is much simpler than a diesel or gasoline vehicle. Few components mean fewer things that could break and cause problems. The maintenance of an electric vehicle is also much lower. The Boulder Electric Delivery Trucks and Cargo Vans have only three fluids: brake fluid, windshield washer fluid and differential gear oil.

An electric vehicle has five main components, from the wall to the wheel:

  • Charger � transforms the alternating current in the wall outlet to direct current that charges the battery. The Boulder Electric Delivery Trucks come with different options for chargers depending on your power connection and needs for charging time, because one size doesn't fit all.
  • Battery � stores the energy as chemical energy. This is the "fuel tank" of the electric vehicle. The Boulder Electric Delivery Trucks use the most reliable and safest lithium technology - Lithium-Iron-Phosphate. Lithium batteries can store three times more energy than lead-acid batteries and they do not have any memory effect.
  • Battery Management System � keeps the battery healthy and happy by avoiding over-charge or under-discharge. All lithium batteries have to have a battery management system. The Boulder Electric Delivery Trucks use one of the best battery management systems on the market, ensuring that your vehicle performs maximum.
  • Motor controller � the "throttle". The motor controller transforms the direct current from the battery to a suitable for the motor (direct current for a DC motor, alternating current for an AC motor).
  • Motor � propels the vehicle. The Boulder Electric Delivery Trucks have AC motors which are maintenance free.

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